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me & my vintage watch, in perfect harmony nov 2016

I just love this clock. Can't explain it . . . there is no need to.  It is a piece of art, just enjoy it.   Shawn 24.6.15

"Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand,
as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love" ~ Claude Monet


Fridays are the hardest in some ways, you’re so close to freedom

                                                    a very rare AP 18k Art Deco Circa 1920s. So rare that AP Museum wants it in its own collection . . .







2014 has been great & we thank all of you once again for your support!! 

2015 would be another exciting year.  A year in which a very good friend of mine will turn 50 together with Singapore (SG50) & he is celebrating it in the next few weeks with an extremely rare timepiece from yours truly.     Thank you Bro.     

As part of its SG50 celebration,
LOUIS VUITTON is launching its 2015 City Guide Singapore. A guide sharing Louis Vuitton’s vision of Singapore life through handpicked selection of exceptional places, delivered with flair & conviction, to expand its collection of trusted companions to the world’s urban explorers.  We are humbled by Louis Vuitton's recommendation & feature of HEIRLOOM GALLERY in its inaugural Louis Vuitton City Guide Singapore 2015 as a place for vintage watches in Singapore.  Thank you too!!

It has always been our mission to bring to you unusual, rare and collectible timepieces, & we have worked hard to do just that in the past years.  Looking forward to bringing more interesting timepieces for your selection in the coming year, & hope you will enjoy them as much as we will in putting them together.     Can't wait . . . .      

HAPPY 2015, EVERYONE !!!                                                                                                            Shawn : 31.12.14























Most of us know that SEIKO (SEIKOSHA) is known as 精工 in Chinese language & CITIZEN is 西铁城.
Did you know that Citizen was once known as
西吉增 & that kid is the "Citizen Boy"?
Thanks to the little red old box, now you know . . . . .



































































                                                                                                                                                 oct 2010






Day, n.  A period of twenty-four hours, mostly misspent.  ~Ambrose Bierce
















It is very dangerous to visit Heirloom Gallery  

Coincidentally, three collectors (John, Allan & David) uttered the above same phrase when they dropped by separately today.    Dangerous ???  The word dangerous is defined by some dictionaries as: full of danger or risk; causing danger; perilous; risky; hazardous; unsafe etc.       “Dangerous” is also the title of Michael Jackson’s eighth album, released in 1991, which sold as much as 30 million copies worldwide over 17 years.  Indicating the "dangerousness" of that particular album.  

On the contrary, a good friend once said that he feels like a kid in a candy store whenever he visits my humble gallery.  Two very conflicting statements?!   You see, he and the other three collectors mentioned above could not say NO to some of the nice items they saw and each left my gallery with a new purchase.  So whilst it is "dangerous" for some, others find it fun. Hahaha.      
Anyway, I am sincerely honored by the mixed emotions you have when you visit me at my little playground because at least I know that for some of you, getting to our gallery is half the fun ©
…..Dangerously Fun !!  

Shawn, friday 17th july

To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom ~ Bertrand Russell

All items at 50% off  !!

click to see shawn's take on life, watches etcWell, looking at the vintages that we carry, it is easy to know that this must be an April Fool’s joke for if it is real, everything will be sold for a song…. not something that I can afford to offer.  

Why don’t I share with you a different kind of music then??   Have you ever held a vintage watch close to your ear? Try it now and you will notice that the ticking sound of a vintage watch is generally louder than that of a new watch.

Personally, I just love the loud ticking sound that emanates from the depth of the timelessly beautiful case of a vintage watch or clock … it is like music to the ears.  Listen closely and you might actually hear Yo-Yo Ma’s rendition of Bach's Unaccompanied Cello Suite No. 1 on his stradivarius cello.  Well, almost…..  But if you wound up all the vintage watches and clocks in your collection and let them tick away at the same time (which I just did in my humble gallery before penning this message), you would certainly be entertained to a concert of a different sort and guess what? You get to be the conductor in your own hall

For me, life without a watch is like life would be senseless without music  for Friedrich Nietzsche and I am glad that I  have you to share the music….. Shawn, 010409    


If you have not noticed, Valentine’s Day 2009 comes just after Friday the 13th !!     

Two of my favourite radio deejays were asking for views from their listeners this morning on what they would like to do, receive or give on this special day.   Some said they want real love, as it conquers all…. some asked for more time from their loved ones & others look forward to receiving their gifts.       As usual naughty suggestions were unavoidable (& cannot be reproduced here) & a few of them actually expressed fear of this day.    
The fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskavedekatriaphobia, a word derived from the concatenation of the Greek words Paraskeví and dekatreís (meaning thirteen), attached to phobía (meaning fear).  What is the term for 2009 Valentine’s day phobia??  x x x – paraskavedekatriaphobia ??

One lady listener would like her loved one to say “I love you” to her everyday.  I think that explained why George Herbert wrote: “Love, and a cough, cannot be hid ".  But this lady probably does not agree with Pico Iyer when he wrote: “In love we are speechless; in awe, we say, words fail us” in  “The Eloquent Sounds of Silence”.  

I recently had a small accident which left a cut on my forehead, Ouch!!!   I was quite worried initially & nearly ask for the business card of a plastic surgeon from a doctor friend.     Plastic surgery, I need not (it is now healing) as a good friend mentioned that it adds character to my face, another was quite concerned and recommended a special cream to avoid permanent scar.     My wife?  She is not really bothered by it at all & told me that I am still ok looking as before (phew).  Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and love is blind?  Well, Love is not blind - it sees more, not less.  But because it sees more, it is willing to see less.  ~ Julins Gordon.   No wonder I always find the imperfections on my favourite watches to be very charming.  This is the beauty & power of love !!!   

Ok, ok here is THE ANSWER to the riddle  (11 FEB 09)
In all of the words listed, if you take the first letter of each word, place it at the end of the word, and then spell the word backwards, it will form the same word.     banana     dresser     grammar     potato     revive     uneven     assess     The odd one out is buses. 

Did you figure it out?  Well, a few of you did and the sharpest & fastest person to email me with the right answer is Steven J of NYC, followed by Jeff S (Spore), Andy G (Spore) and Colin B (Aust) etc.  Well done guys!!  Steven, the special gift is now on its way to you.  Thanks for taking part, hope you guys had fun :O) 

Trust some of us had too much goodies during the Chinese New Year break for our own good.  I am one of the guilty ones & the excess fat is not just bulging my belt, I am thinking a lot slower too (yawn).   Well, to prove that you are not affected at all, see if you can figure out what the following words have IN COMMON & which (only 1) is the ODD ONE OUT.   The First collector to email me with the correct answer will get a special gift :O)

   banana     dresser     grammar     potato     buses    revive     uneven     assess    

Have you already given up?  Come on, give it another try, you'll kick yourself when you discover the answer. (Hint: No, it is not that they all have at least 2 double letters).  Time is ticking ...... Have fun, Shawn 

Believe it or not .... dreams do come true, sometimes....
Last Friday morning, I woke up regretting an action .... I turned down an offer to purchase a very interesting timepiece from a fellow dealer old friend of mine only to find out that it was sold when I changed my mind later. This happened in my

To cut the long story short, when I reached my gallery the following morning in REAL LIFE, the same friend that I dreamt of telephoned,  inviting me to view some items.   I had by then forgotten about the dream.  When I met up with him, he showed me this beautiful and interesting pocket watch which I bought immediately.     As I drove away & stopping at a red traffic light to admire the timepiece, my wife called me on the mobile phone. When I told her about my new purchase, she went:  "Of course, he called you last night in your dream, remember????"  You see, I told her about the dream & the pocket watch that I missed, in the morning before we left our home. Now it is ticking & retrograding nicely in my humble gallery...yes, it is the one my friends are staring at in the photo above ....


Well, quite a few nice things happened to me recently and I have been pleasantly surprised & these are things that I find hard to explain. DO YOU BELIEVE IN MIRACLES?  I DO, SINCERELY !!!  So, to all my friends, I say:  


MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE IN 2009 !!!!!!!!!!!   

X’mas came early for me this year !!  

A very good friend from the north called to say that he has sent “something special” to me for X’mas. 
I am really excited & am feeling like a small kid waiting for his gift to arrive in Santa’s sleigh. 
The suspense is killing me!!  This is probably the only occasion that I wish for the earth to rotate faster & the time to pass by quickly.
Well, there is a kid in every man & kids are usually happier, or are they??

If I were to ask you :”DO YOU THINK TIME EXIST?”  Some of you may say: “You are wasting my time”.    But how can we waste something that may not exist?  Since when does time not exist?    I don’t know....because, if time does not exist then there is no "when".   Can someone tell me the correct time NOW?   No you can’t.  You see, as you are telling me the time from your beloved watches, the future has already become the past.  Therefore, there is no present, therefore time does not exist!!   Huh? Perhaps??  

But, but if time does not exist, then who needs a watch????   I have some watches in my gallery, may be I know???  Well, I doubt I have a good answer to that question, but all I know is that ~ Time, although flies, leaves behind more than just lines around our eyes.  As the Sun, Moon & Stars dance & twinkle away in the sky high, they bring lights to our eyes and sprinkle little gold dusts into our minds The young kids may seem happy counting the twinkling stars but who do you think is HAPPIER?  The young one?  NO, the one who is older! Why? Because he has a full life, more experiences & love and he has more friends in addition to his family.   So, to my loved ones who celebrate your birthdays this month (6,8,20,26,28) you are not just getting OLDER, you are also HAPPIER like the rest of us as the year draws to a close!!

So does time exist?  Beats me , but it definitely completes our life, yours and mine.   And if you are still wondering what X’mas gift to give your loved ones, may I suggest…. T I M E ….lots of it !!      Shawn, 22DEC08

24. 09. 2008

And I thought I was the only crazy one…

Guess most of us owned at least a SWATCH during the '80s ... I recently went through my boxes of stuff & came across my old “collection” of Swatches. Amongst them was this very colorful chronograph, which brought back lots of memories. Sweet mostly!!  I still remember using this particular chronograph to time my tax consultancy work diligently. As we charged our clients by the hour, every minute counts & precision was vital……to fill up the timesheet, that is.     Back then, I must be the only one in the firm who timed his work with a chronograph on the wrist....

Well, this chrono has some very nice elements that I like on a watch, especially the colored pushers (resembling a good friend’s Flightmaster  910 with beautiful aged dial) & it is in MINT condition with box & papers, unsigned too!!!     So excited, I wore it to bed that night although it was not ticking.  A new battery, I thought was all it needed BUT “CRAZY” was what I heard in the middle of the sleep….. No gift for guessing who uttered it. 

A trip to the watchmaker spoilt the following day. It refused to work with the new battery & is now a new display in my humble gallery…the only way to prolong its “shelf life”, I guess.     Along Came Polly-anna !!     Many of you know that my heart would beat faster & my knees go weak when I see a nice watch accessory.  Well, a friend picked up the same “bad hobby” of mine recently & started collecting the related stuff starting with ads, goggles, boxes & who knows what …..But I say WELCOME TO THE CLUB, The Karangguni (rag & bone) club !!

Well, people used to call me CRAZY Collector.  But if you really love someone or something & there is no whisper of thrill, not an ounce of excitement, have you really loved?   When you do, shouldn’t you be swept away & be deliriously happy?        I know it is a corn-ball thing but love is passion, obsession, something you can’t live without.  So, for all of us who love watches, I say fall head over heel, find some pieces you can love like crazy & they will love you the same way back.    Forget your head, listen to your heart.  The truth is, there is no sense living your life without this……To make the journey but not  fall deeply in love…well, you have not lived your life at all. 

The world’s First Grand Prix Formula 1 Night Race is taking place right here in Singapore over this coming weekend (26-28 Sept) & the racing track is a stone throw away from my gallery. Although I am not crazy about F1, I am equally excited & can understand why thousands of fans flew in to witness the race & experience the deafening engine sounds, but only to do it with ear plugs, to avoid ear drums perforation.  How ironical?   Well, I guess it takes one lover to know another & like Formula 1, some watches that I will have this coming Saturday are not for the faint hearted.....

Shawn, 24.09.2008  
(ps: don't you love the watch display on the left? Resembling the scene at F1 Pit Stop)

Anyone can be passionate,  but it takes real lovers to be silly  ~ Rose Franken

08. 08. 2008

What is your favourite number on the dial of your watch?  For me, it has to be the only number that is obese, round & still insists on wearing a belt.     Haha... it is number 8, a lucky number in the Chinese culture. 

August is the
8th month of the year & Beijing Olympics kicked off on the 8.8.2008 with Michael Phelps making history with 8 Gold medals. Singapore just celebrated its National day on 9.8.2008, & won an Olympic silver medal 48 years after the last one in 1960.  Well done, Team Singapore!!

Last Saturday, I was invited by a Bank to do a talk on Collecting Watches As An Alternative Investment. I brought x8 watches with me & went through slides of exactly 28.

Closer to heart, I was born & brought up in a house numbered 88, & there are 8 kids in my family.  My sister’s home is a very good number 8, my own house ends with a 8, & the phone number for my humble gallery has a couple of 8s.  My best friends’ car numbers are 4x88, 8x88 & the last 2 digits of my car add up to 8.  Incidentally, my waistline is ahem ... 28?

My wife & a few good friends were born in the months or on days with the digit 8 & one of them just got herself a pair of Panerai Goggles that has the shape of 8 (OO).    Guess what, my oldest customer is 84 years old !!!

Most of the above were not premeditated & all true except my waistline, which luckily is not 38 !!      Last but not least, this is my 8th year in the watch business & I look forward to more g8d years with your fantastic support, whatever your favourite number may be.


29 MAY 2008

12 months ago this day, I was busy preparing for the Watch Talk & Exhibition held in my humble gallery with the help of a few close friends.   It was a sharing event, tiring affair, costly too as it was self-financed.   But it went well & we had lots of fun doing it, the excitement still lingers in the air every time we talk about it. This is a form of happiness, I think.

When I resigned from my tax practice years ago, one of my former bosses told me that the watch business that I am leaving my professional job for is a very good business to be in.  Her reasoning: As with most gifts, whether we buy them for ourselves or our loved ones, it is always initiated by happy & loving thoughts. So the whole business really circles around a few important things in life, passion, love & happiness.      Hemm .. philosophical .. I thought then.

After a few years in this business now, I began to appreciate her sentiments.  Especially when I see the happy & passionate faces that go along with the beautiful timepieces.  I also realised that the happiness does not end at the point of purchase. When presented as gifts to ourselves, friends or loved ones, the watches will bring back lots of sweet memories every time we look at them.  Ask yourself this question: How many times have you looked at your watch today? What does it remind you of? Your last birthday, new job,  anniversary or Shawn? Ha ha, thanks.   At any rate, I am sure we are a very happy bunch of people.

One day, these watches may become someone’s precious heirlooms. Then, the happiness is shared perpetually….. it is timeless !!!  And I am glad that you share it with me, first.    

Pleasure is spread through the earth, in stray gifts to be claimed by whoever shall find 
                                                                                                                          ~William Wordsworth, 1806

21 APRIL 2008

The World's Most Expensive Fishbowl YES, this one ... was sold for a World record price of US$23,400 at the Antiquorum Auction on 17 April 2008 in New York  and there is no fish in it !!!

The auction, namely “Revolution: The Evolution of the Rolex Sport Watch” commemorating the 100th anniversary of Rolex, achieved a total auction value of $ 8,479,860.  

As collectors, nothing beats knowing what you bought turned out to be a good investment later.  I remember telling a friend at work a few years back that many people now collect “stuff” as an alternative investment.  This friend, being a “non-collector” laughed it off with a comment that he would rather put his money in stocks and shares.  Well, to some extent, he may be right …. just may be…. until he dropped by my humble gallery for coffee yesterday, 7 years later.    You should see the reaction on his face when I showed him the similar “Fishbowl” in my humble gallery which I acquired years ago at a fraction of the current auction price.

To some, it is just a fishbowl.  To me, it is a piece of art.    In 1920s, when the “Oyster” case was introduced, Rolex used a rectangular aquarium filled with water & a number of fish to display its watches with Oyster cases in jewelers shop windows.   In 1950s, the plain rectangular aquarium display developed into this more elaborate round fishbowl display which was mounted on top of a complex enameled themed motif with the watch totally submersed in water, to promote its waterproof & airtight case. It is undoubtedly a very powerful image that made the Rolex brand unforgettable and I bought it purely for this interesting advertisement value. 

Although the fishbowl did not do as well as my pal’s Comex (Sold for USD 248,800), it has turned out to be a good investment piece so far !!    This ties to what I always tell my fellow collector friends: Follow your heart, buy what you like, if the value appreciates in the future, it is a bonus!!  And I think, I have done pretty alright here with this little fishbowl investment & would definitely wish the same for you & your collections :O)  HAPPY HUNTING !!!      

11MARCH 2008

Those of you who know me well would know that many birthday cakes have been cut & candles blown in my humble gallery over the years.   I hope your wishes have all come true !! :O)  

A very close friend of mine proposed recently to use the gallery for a small event, I gladly agreed.  When he & his girlfriend arrived yesterday (10 Mar 2008), they were both dressed to the ninth.  He was in the best suit I have ever seen him in.  Looked very handsome too with his hair well sculpted.  As she tip-toed up the stairs with the tail of the long white gown in both hands, I saw HUGE happy smiles, & can’t help feeling happy for them too.  They are getting married soon!!  

Well, I have known him since my tax practice days & he is finally getting married!!  I am glad that he has found someone he loves to share his life with. Congrats !!

A collector of rare coins & notes himself, he has recently turned to serious watch collecting.  How serious, you ask.  Well, serious enough that he wanted part of his wedding photos taken in my humble gallery.  I guess they would like this special occasion to be filled with lots of love & nice watches!!     Was it an Indecent proposal? May be not.   Strange? May be, but I would rather say it is UNIQUE.  Unique in the way that he had this happiest & most important moment of his life permanently registered in HEIRLOOM GALLERY.     I felt like a priest but am touched by his sincerity & honored by his choice.   

This is a real life love story & a classic history of a true watch lover in the making…. & I am glad to know that many years down the road,  when we sit around to talk about it, it will bring back lots of sweet memories.   I could still hear the photographer saying: Tilt your head to the left, raise the flowers a little …. Smile :O)

You know what??   After they left, I noticed that the floor was a lot cleaner than before…. haha …that is what friends are for!!!!      Best of all, the “en-bloc” cloud which has been hanging above my head for a while now disappeared with the dust & the sky is a lot clearer.  I think they have brought me luck.  Thanks YP & LL.   Congrats once again ! 

Love is a flower which turns into fruit at marriage      


15 FEB 2008

As you are probably aware, 2008 is a LEAP YEAR.  

A special year with one extra day inserted in the month of February in order to keep the calendar year synchronised with the astronomical year.  
So there will be 29 days as opposed to the normal 28 this month.   I know some of us may resent the fact that we will need to work an additional day.   Personally, I am excited that there is another 24 hours at my disposal.   Well, a very good friend of mine took a step further & went on to insert another day into his personal calendar as he is holding his 6th Solo Art Exhibition & launching his 1st publication, both titled “30th FEB ” .  Congratulations, my friend!!

There is also a Singapore movie - “The Leap Years” to be launched at the end of this month.  The movie is based on an old leap year tradition, dates back to 1288, when Scotland passed a law that allowed women to propose marriage to the men of their choice in that year.  They also made it law that any man who declined a proposal in a leap year must pay a fine, which could range from a kiss ( fine? ) to payment for a silk dress or a pair of gloves.... emm..  I guess the men will go “Oh, dear”  or  “OH YES” depending on who is proposing.

Well, for those of you who have watches with perpetual calendar in your collection, it will be interesting to see how the date/month functions correct themselves at the end of February. 

It is going to be an exciting time for many of us and whatever you intend to do, Have Fun ...

1 FEB 2008

Happy Valentine's Day !!

Guess many of us had lots to eat during the Chinese New Year break.

For me, the goodies have added some pounds to my frame and I am sporting a slightly bigger waistline i.e. BIG BELLY now.   But in the month of February, when love is in the air, one can choose to call it  "LOVE HANDLES" instead.    How Romantic…

Well, true love is not about loving a perfect person but loving an imperfect person perfectly.   Likewise for vintage watches, I suppose?

Through one’s flaws, a greater whole is found.  In pitch darkness, an abundance of colour arises.    Without the struggle of mortality, how can one realise the freedom of mind and soul?                  

About Us

27 JAN 2008

click here to learn more About UsIIt seems like yesterday that the Chinese community celebrated the last lunar new year & before
 we know it, we are busy preparing for another one (
the Chinese year 4706) which begins on the 7th Feb 2008.

There are 12 animals in the Chinese Calendar with the Rat leading the cycle, which means another 12 years have passed us by & a new cycle will begin.   They say early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese. Why? Because the first mouse got caught in the trap.  So, before we hit the reset button to restart the cycle hastily, it is always a good practice that we take stock, reflect & plan the year ahead to make sure that we are not enrolling ourselves into another Rat race.  Well, if only life is as simple as resetting the hands on our chronographs ... but, even that requires an observation of sequence, or the watch will give up on us.

There is a Chinese saying: The Day’s planning begins in the morning & the Year’s starts with the Spring.    For the first time in years, I arrived at my Gallery as early as 8.15am yesterday & will be doing so for the rest of the year.   I would not take that as a resolution for the new year, but knowing that I may now answer your emails earlier & you could receive the lovely watches quicker than before makes waking up early in the morning all worth while.

Realistically, with the current economic outlook, I guess we must make ourselves RELEVANT so that we will not wake up in the next morning & exclaim “ WHO MOVED MY CHEESE? ”.  Well, in the coming year of the Rat, I choose to be Haw & not Hew. You? ps: by the way, that is a chrono resting on a cheese ball not bowling ball, too many holes !!! :0)

4 JAN 2008

TGIF!!   Well, we were just celebrating the arrival of 2008 & voilà, it is now the FIRST Friday of 2008 !!

Time flies!!!   Gerd-R. Lang said it & I quote “
time flies, so I caught it in a cage”.   In this first week of the new year, rather than counting the wrinkles on my face & losing sleep, I chose to count my blessings instead of sheep…..

A good friend once told me: “I have something to look forward to every morning when I wake up: WHICH WATCH TO WEAR? & WHAT CLOTHES TO MATCH THE WATCH?”   Well, me too & I think it is a blessing !!

It is said that as many people wear wristwatches as there are people wearing shoes on their feet. Don’t ask me why I need so many watches. Someone once asked Imelda Marcos & she said “They went to my closets looking for skeletons, but thank God, all they found were shoes, beautiful shoes….”   With this in mind, welcome to our 2008 Spring selection, & I look forward to bringing more collectible timepieces to you in the months to come.   


24 DEC 2007

The future is the present given to us by the past *

As the year draws to a close, many of us would take a pause from the fast moving cycle of life, stop for a breather before we hit the play button and spear ahead into the unknown, 2008....

Last Christmas, I was at a beautiful & chilly place, almost two thousand meters above sea level.  This year, I am heading north, no, not North Pole but to a place filled with love and warmth in the air, taking with me my new toy (yes, you guessed it) on my wrist and some gifts in my sleigh.  

An eventful year, 2007 has been for me and I could not ask for more than your friendship, care and support.  Omega’s Darth Vader, Skywalker and the likes made the year a lot more interesting too and I can’t wait to see the Squirrel again.    Well, life is beautiful because of these fond memories, and I am glad that you made them sweeter....

 Merry X'mas & Happy New Year !!              May the force be with you in 2008.

1 DEC 2007

DECEMBER is the twelfth & last month of the year in the Gregorian Calendar.  A month that sums up all months of the year, a period that many of us are looking forward to for various reasons: the year end promotion or bonuses at work, the annual holiday, the all important marathon that you have been preparing for, & for some, fabulous birthday & Christmas presents that you will be receiving !!

For me, the Christmas season is full of heart-warming, nostalgic & sentimental fun.  The general havoc & merriment is infectious too! Well, Santa Claus I may not be, but the last time I checked, I do have more grey hairs now than last year & I work a lot harder during this period of the year, bringing collectible timepieces for you & your loved ones.  Some friends say that I have the best job in the world as I look at beautiful timepieces all day. True that may be but I think my eyes grow tired from so much beauty filtration that I will need progressive lenses soon. But the hard work is all worth it, especially when I see the smile on your face as you take the watches home or when I received your emails from afar thanking me for the beautiful timepieces.  That to me is priceless!

2007 has been an eventful & interesting year for me.   The Antiquorum Omegamania auction spiced up intense interest in vintage watches amongst collectors.   The small watch talk & exhibition held in my humble gallery was a dream come true too!   As I look back at the year & reflecting on all I’d experienced in the year, the watches I have handled, the interesting people I met, the friends that I have made, the bits & pieces of life we shared, the cute nicknames we thought of, the inspirations I derived from all these & the beautiful memories they formed . . .  make me realised how blessed I am !!! 

December begins (astrologically) with the sun in the sign of Sagittarius & ends in the sign of Capricorn. To the few people close to my heart (the young one & the not so) who celebrate your birthdays (6, 8, 26, 28 & ?th) this month, I say : never mind the numbers, you are only getting wiser.   Well, you were born in the most joyous & celebrated month of the year, that is a blessing too!!  So, Happy Birthday & May All Your Dreams Come True.

To my other friends & the squirrel I met on my birthday, whatever report cards you may get for 2007, I wish you a lovely, lovely Christmas.  

 Remember this December, that love weighs more than gold!  ~ Josephine Dodge Daskam Bacon

7 NOV 2007

Some things in life may change, some things they stay the same, like time.   

Whoever you are, wherever you may be, there are only 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and there is always a shortage of time. Sigh.

They say time flies when you are feeling high.  The reverse is cruel when you are feeling low and dry.   Especially so when you are waiting in line - for a new watch to appear, an injury to heal, or simple messages from a friend to come in before we could feel fine.  Sometimes they never arrived, and we cry .....

Saw a squirrel last week, climbing up and down a tree, and I remember saying "Hi".  I know time flies, but does a squirrel fly?  As I have not seen it since I said "Bye".

I wish the new watch will arrive, the injury bids goodbye, the messages and the squirrel will come by, so that we can all fly high………..

22 OCT 2007

ORANGE:   The colour is named after the orange fruit.     Seedless or not, most of us love an orange or two for its rich source of vitamin C & citrus liminoids.   The first recorded use of orange as a color name in English was in 1512, in the court of King Henry VIII.    In the modern world it is often used for visibility enhancement.      

How many of us can resist the beautiful touch of orange color on a wrist watch?   In recent years many vintage watches with a slightest touch of orange have all appreciated in value!!  Rolex Explorer II Ref. 1655 is a classic example. Others such as Omega Seamaster Big Blue 120m Diver's Chronograph, 600m Ploprof, Speedmaster Mark II Exotic Dial & Flightmaster with orange hands etc are all highly sought after.  Equally in demand is the Omega Memomatic or Dynamic with orange hands!   

I personally like the color orange for many reasons…To me, the sight of the color orange brings a smile to one’s face.  It is bright, cheerful & so endearing that looking at it sometimes gives you butterflies in the stomach.  =)           Please don’t take my word for it, look around you now for an orange or something in orange color, see what magic it would do to your mood. 

Past months, I have handled a few timepieces as mentioned above & nothing beats the feeling of seeing the smiles on fellow collectors’ faces when they strap those watches on their wrists.

Ok, if I could, I would paint all watch hands to orange color & rephrase the old saying to : “An orange a day, keeps the doctor away” …… Meanwhile, for those of you who are looking for one, I am glad to present a few items with orange hands for your consideration this week.                                                      (ps: sorry guys, I can't take oranges in exchange for these orange hands. Nice try though !! )

7 OCT 2007

When was the last time things don’t go so smoothly for you?    Past week has been one for me.  Amongst other things, my favourite watch stopped running.   We tend to take things for granted when they go well, pausing to reflect only when they don’t flow as smoothly as we wish them to be.  

The other day, a friend asked me what watch am I getting for my birthday this year.  Another asked what would my wishes be?    Well, like a good friend, a good vintage watch is hard to come by.  So, I think I will just get the same watch serviced & give it as much wrist time as it deserves.   And if I could wish for one thing,  how about “World Peace?”  Haha, that is so Sandra Bullock in “Miss Congeniality”.     But seriously, if I may, I would wish that things always go well & the sky is always clear for all of my friends, wherever you may be.

This may sound silly to some, but to me, Friendship works like a Watch.       You may meet someone in your life, & before that someone becomes your “friend”, you need to firstly like that person, then you will need to spend time to know the characters of this acquaintance, building trust & relations before nurturing it into a friendship.   Likewise, you need to like a watch before you purchase it.   You don’t buy a good watch, leave it in the drawer & hoping that it will work perfectly in years to come.  A good watch needs continuous tender care, regular winding & maintenance, the same way you would maintain a friendship.   

Due to different commitments, we can’t meet as often as we wish, but the most beautiful discovery true friends make is that we can grow separately without growing apart.   While we may not communicate as much as we would love to, it is heartening to know that silences make the real conversations between friends.  Not the saying but the never needing to say is what counts.  So, even if we don’t say “Hi” often enough, we know that we do CARE. 

May every day be a beautiful day, for you & me.  yours, Shawn

1 OCT 2007

Dreams are for those who sleep

Last night, I slept like a baby …waking up every two hours, that is.   A friend said it is a sign of aging. As I tossed & turned, I realised that it is now October, a month of certain significance to me.  No wonder.

I often question why are there 12 hours on the dial of a watch, just as there are 12 months in a year with 12 Zodiac signs?  Is it pure coincidence? I don’t think so!  All things move perpetually, & they move in cycles. These cycles never repeat exactly because time is forever unique.          Have you ever tried to determine the age of a watch? How is that compared to say, guessing one’s age or zodiac sign?  From a watch’s dial, its design, movement caliber & reference numbers, you could estimate its age with reasonable certainty.  To have a go at guessing one’s zodiac sign intelligently, you will need to piece together the characters, personality, values, likes & dislikes of that person.  

Unique?  Yes, like each vintage watch, every one of us is “Piece Unique”. Whilst a Virgo may be a perfectionist & Libran is romantic, a Scorpion is definitely secretive, d
etermined, intuitive, passionate & ahem… magnetic.  But if
you are optimistic, jovial & good-humoured, intellectual but modest, enjoy travelling & adventurous, truthful & trustworthy, generous & sincere with a passion for justice… aha…then my final answer is: a Sagittarian you must be!!

I may not be an astrologer but I know timing is everything in astrology as your real birth time influences the relation between the zodiac, your ascendant, & all of your astrological houses which in turn determine what kind of person you would turn out to be...very much the same ways the value of a vintage watch is determined.  Its year of production, design, type of movement & functions are the reasons for its irresistible intrinsic values which make each dream watch SPECIAL.   Well, whatever zodiac sign you may be, I am sure you are Special & Unique !!   
    May all your dreams come true, too.      yours, Shawn

15 SEP 2007

Time flies !     We say it all the time :   The Pretty Young Ones are indifferent & end it with a high. The not so Young Ones punctuate it with a sigh.

Time, as Einstein showed, is a tricky concept to nail down, & all languages resort to metaphor to express it, with staggering monotony.    We count the annual rings on a tree trunk and wrinkles on one’s face to estimate their age.  But does the number really matter?    At the age of 21,
Einstein came to a sudden realisation: time is not absolute & it does not progress at the same rate for everyone, everywhere.  In other words, despite our common perception that a second is always a second everywhere in the universe, the rate at which time flows depends upon where you are & how fast you are travelling.    So if temporal landmarks don't exist except in our heads, where does our notion of time come from?   To me, it is all relative & since we can’t defy the natural process of aging, we must make sure that we take the driver’s seat and determine how fast we will travel & grow with each passing second, inscribing beautiful memories & wisdom onto the trunks as we go. 

From vintage watch collecting perspective, we all know that old is gold & the dull patina is a mark of class. 
In a way, collecting watches is like collecting time. While no one can be said to possess time, one can form a collection of instruments which measures it.   This, to some, may be a trade off ...
for me, it is a blessing!       YO2  

17 AUG 2007

TGIF !!  Trust you guys are wearing a special watch today..... I know a friend would.

How time flies, it is almost a week since we launched our Black Label series.   

Hope you are not DRUNK yet.... although the "Black" Collection has nothing to do with anything alcoholic, I must say that sometimes I am guilty of getting myself drunk and drowned ......... in the sea of watches, that is.... Well, *Call me irresponsible, call me unreliable, throw in undependable, too.....tell me I'm impractical, but  it's undeniably true, that I'm irresponsibly mad for you.....

Have a good one !!!!!!!         yours, Shawn


A friend once asked:  why would you spend so much time, effort & resources in watches?  To which I said: Have you ever stopped to think that during the course of a typical day, we look at the watch on our wrist more often than anything else??  “What time is it now ? When is lunch? The next meeting is at ? ... best of all ….Is it time to go home yet ?"   and the list goes on & on.   Undeniably, it is one of the most important tools and closest companion one could have on a day to day basis.    Why vintage?  For me, the answer was simple…. they don’t make them like that anymore!!!   And my striving for the timeless values becomes a matter of character rather than one of ephemeral fashions.            The recent watch events held in my humble gallery brought back lots of fond memories, especially when I was going through the rare exhibits on display, as many of them (though not all) were handled and sold through us and it is very heartening to know that they are being taken good care of and would one day be someone’s HEIRLOOM…  Time is precious, measure it with style...that is the reason for our BLACK LABEL.. 

FEB 2007

Valentine's day is around the corner and will soon be followed by the Chinese Lunar New Year on the 18 Feb 2007.  Love is in the air and all loved ones will gather to celebrate these joyous occasions.

Chinese New Year starts with the New Moon on the first day of the new year and ends on the full moon 15 days later when the Moon will be particularly bright and full, which is why the Chinese community has likened the full moon to a symbol of reunion.  As a Chinese and watch aficionado myself,  I thought this is an opportune time for me to present some nice and rare MOONPHASES (i.e. watches with LUNAR indication) to honour the spirit of  the Valentine's day & Lunar New Year.

This year, instead of the usual chocoloates, flowers and red packets, you may want to present your loved ones or yourself with one of these rare timepieces (Well, I did. BUT no prize for guessing right which one of the following is mine). The 18K Universal Tricompax listed a few days ago was just a prelude and I hope you enjoy the selection.



DEC 2006

Trust most of us have received our X'mas presents and gifts.  Well, Santa Claus, I am not but if the gifts were from us, we would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for your support !!!

Below is a sneak peek of what we have put together (with pictures to follow asap) for your selection in January 2007.  So if you are looking for something unusual to usher in the new year,  go through the list below and give me a shout (email/telephone) and I will be pleased to hear from you.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year !!
                                                                                                          Love, Shawn

ps:  many of you have asked what have I got for myself this X'mas ??  Well, let's just say that it is HUGE (50 x 56 x 65mm) , 16mm THICK with PERFECT PORCELAIN DIAL, TRIPLEDATE, smiling MOONPHASES, CHRONOGRAPH, REPEATER ..
& if these are not enough.......it has FLEXIBLE LUGS & HUGE ONION CROWN too!!   let your imagination run wild.........


1 DEC 2006

HOW QUICKLY A YEAR GOES BY !!  As the year draws to a close, I reflected on what we have achieved in 2006 and realized that much has happened here at Heirloom Gallery.     It has always been our mission to bring to you unusual, rare and collectible timepieces, and we’ve worked hard to do just that in the past year and trust that 2006 has been a great collecting year for you too !! 

For me, this is a LOVE / HATE period of the year.      LOVE it because it's the most wonderful time of the year.  A few special people close to my heart celebrate their birthdays this month (on the 6, 8 & 26th).  You could feel the Christmas magic every corner you turn. There'll also be much mistletoeing and hearts will be glowing when loved ones are near ……

HATE it because the calendar is saying that you are one year OLDER … ok, ok…..WISER !!      

Well, since we can’t turn back the clock, I decided that we will end the year with a bang and have put together our SPECIAL 2006 X’MAS COLLECTION with a few very collectible timepieces, just for you this X’mas. Hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did putting them together !!! REMEMBER EARLY BIRDS GET THE WORMS !!!!     Merry X'mas, all  !!!      Love, Shawn


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